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Style, Class and a Casino victory

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After dropping the camper we walked into town via the Flagstaff Gardens, we arrived at Greenhouse Backpackers with plenty of time in the day to spare, the hostel by the way was another great find, brilliant room, free internet and very clean and modern (recommended). So off we went to see the trendy Fed Square, we hopped on a tram and headed for the Royal Botanical Gardens via the Shrine of Remembrance. This was a personal favourite of mine, well one of my favourite things anyway, it told you so much about Australia’s war against Japan, it was so interesting and informative. We then headed for the Botanical Gardens which played host too many beautiful sights, including a volcano which ended up being a little pond and not much of a volcano at all unfortunately, though it was surrounded by some pretty cool sights. After we finished here we jumped back on the trams to Fed Square where we went into the Information Centre to see what we could do over the next few days, we managed to get the most helpful and informative old lady in Melbourne I think. We had lots to do and a few days to do it, so we grabbed some dinner in KFC and headed back to get some well-earned sleep.


Next day we started with a walking tour, which may sound boring but was actually brilliant. It takes you down so many streets and little arcades that you’d never go down, which we actually ended up returning to throughout our stay in Melbourne for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. After the tour we headed for the Queen Victoria Market, which was a lot bigger than North Weald, you see so many little things you’d like to buy at these markets. We managed to hold off for the most part until Lucy and I made a couple of purchases before we left including a campervan belt buckle (me) and an Aussie hoodie (Lucy). Upon leaving the market we had a couple of Spanish doughnuts and headed for the free city circle tram, we took this to the Melbourne Aquarium. Now the Aquarium wasn’t amazing all the way through but some stuff on the Antarctic was pretty interesting and the Penguins were absolutely amazing. They were brilliant running around, lots of them kept swimming around as well, it’s also mating season for one of the species of Penguins they had, and they all kept stealing each other’s stones to make their own nests. They were hilarious and probably one of the best parts of the trip for Lucy. After hanging around the Penguins for a good hour or two we decided it was time to head back for some dinner and a quiet night in with sweets and a movie.


The following morning we topped up on breakfast and water as it was the day we decided to jump on the bikes. They are basically the Boris bikes in London back home, we got a couple of what we thought were cool helmets from our hostel and headed off down the riverside. We past plenty of sights and bridges along the way, we found the crown plaza where we were going to be that night. We then ventured across the river into the Docklands and back through the city centre before replacing our bikes at the bike shares. We then strolled through the Carlton & Fitzroy Gardens, there were plenty of nice buildings and little cottages dotted around as well as ponds and wildlife. We preferred the Royal Botanic Gardens. After the gardens we headed over to the Sport District, where we checked out the MCG - Melbourne Cricket Ground and the Rod Laver Arena, they are both huge and very interesting with statues everywhere, this is where I found out the capacity at the MCG is 100,000, this I didn’t know. Once we were all sported out we ventured back to a graffiti hotspot I wanted to take some pictures of and then went home to get ready for the big night. Firstly we went to Guilhemes (or something along those lines) for diner at the riverside, then we hit the Casino for Lucy’s first ever visit to one and to get my fix. We went for Roulette to begin with, we went for the strategy of always picking a colour and sometimes a third, then every other round we surrounded a number, now our luck was in as we hit numbers several times, so $250 we left whilst we were ahead and I wanted to show Lucy Blackjack, lady luck followed us there too as I won another $50, made up for my Darwin losses! We had an amazing night.


Since we knew the sun was out on our last full day we decided to venture down to St Kilda beach, it ended up being lovely weather for most of the day and we had a sun bath, walked up and down Ackland Street which seemed very cool. Unfortunately Luna Park was closed so we’ll have to go again when Lucy returns (maybe I’ll visit before, probably not) but St Kilda was another nice and trendy area with a lovely little beach where everyone seems to walk their dogs, we watched a couple of dogs causing havoc for ages which was hilarious, as well as an old bloke who seemed to talk to everyone with his tiny little speedos leaving little to the imagination.


It was our last morning waking up at the fantastic Greenhouse Backpackers (very good hostel), so we checked out and went for some breakfast down Centre Place. We then ventured to the Melbourne City Library, which was huge and to be honest beautiful. They had the proper reading rooms you see mostly in films upstairs on the 3rd floor, we were impressed as we hadn’t seen any in the flesh (wood) before. So we had a nose around read up on a bit of history and found another Burke book, that name is everywhere in Australia, we need to find out about the Burke ancestors I think. We then headed off to the Melbourne baths but didn’t find what we expected, it was a swimming pool and a gym, with some expensive back massages, so we left and walked past a building with a massive climbing wall inside, since we were both scared of heights…we went in. I signed up to climb and Lucy was my Beelay (hope I’ve spelt that right), basically she held the rope as I climbed, yes your right I was packing my pants at the thought of Lucy holding my weight, but it’s all good. Lucy was great and I climbed a few walls and gave up on a few when I bit off more that I could chew, it was hard work and I was knackered! So with sore arms and a partially dented ego (though I was proud of what I did climb all the way) we went back to greenhouse to pack and head to the stop for our night ride. We jumped on the bus and settled in to listen to Tony (the driver) give the longest speech you could possibly give for a bus journey, I’ve never heard someone say please so many times, hilarious though. I then had the pleasure of watching Shawshank Redemption with Lucy for her first time, what a film, voted number 1 movie of all time on IMDB by the way.


After a rough nits sleep on the coach we got into Sydney at around 7am, we head straight for the Swisotel which we’d booked as a secret deal on lastminute.com, what a catch we found. The hotel was beautiful with one of the most helpful receptionists in the world, she knew the bus journey was tough, so we got a complimentary breakfast, full use of the shower & spa facilities all before we even checked in, which wasn’t meant to be till gone midday, she got us in at half 9 in the morning, massive thanks to Fify. We chilled in the room for a couple of hours, I setup in my study…yes study, and then we had a snooze and awoke to go for a swim and a dip in the Jacuzzi before we had to get ready for a lunch with Lucy’s friend Amy who was now living in Sydney. We met them in a lovely little Australian pub Lord Nelsons Brewery on Kent St, they make all their own beers, so I decided to have 3 pints of Three Sheets, it was actually quite nice. We had a fantastic lunch with Amy and Jamie, the food was nice the beer was good and the company was great. After an extended lunch we said our goodbyes and headed back to the hotel a little tipsy, on route we grabbed a couple of cakes, dessert. Once back at the Swisotel we got ready for bed and ordered up some room service and watched Into The Wild, to which Lucy fell asleep! To be fair we were both shattered and needed some sleep, also the room service dinner was lovely, I recommend Swisotel if you want to do Sydney in style.


On our last morning together we went for a traditional Pie Face before returning to Manly Beach (our favourite beach out here). It was packed but for good reason, the weather was great, we had a couple of ice creams and gave into a Hungry Jacks lunch later on. After a while we went back to the otherwise on Manly, the quieter side, to chill for a bit before we jumped on the ferry back to the Circular Quay, oh and we had another ice cream. Once pack we grabbed Lucy’s things and sadly jumped on a train to the airport. I stayed with her till she went through customs, we made the goodbye a quick one, though it was the saddest part of my trip so far especially after the greatest 2 weeks I’d had in Australia so far. After she left I wiped away a few tears and we back to solo life in my new bed at the Home Hostel.

I love you Lucy, I had the best time with you and can’t wait for you to return for another amazing adventure.

Red Shoe Diary of Lewis Hayter
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Blue is the Colour, Camping is the game

Reaching new heights and seeing new sights

semi-overcast 25 °C

Sorry Dad this blog isn’t Chelsea related.

After checking out of the Jolly Swagman we headed for some breakfast at Pie Face (a personal favourite of ours), we then jumped on the train to Katoomba and the Blue Mountains. As the lady at the Flying Fox offered I rang them when we passed Leura station and they picked us up, good start. We checked into the Flying Fox (wonderful hostel and very homely, recommended) and went down to our tent which has a fantastic view over the mountains. It was a touch chilly and we had to wrap up a bit, for the first time since being in Australia I wore jeans, and Lucy had to chuck on a few extra layers as well. We then met Richard in the lounge area who joined us on our first adventure, as we strolled down to Echo Point and towards the Three Sisters we found out Richard was a Science teacher and a fountain of knowledge. So now Rich basically became our guide and that’s what Lucy decided to call him all day…Guide. We passed Echo Point which was a wonderful sight, although it then started to rain and I managed to forget my raincoat on the only occasion I’d of probably used it. Off we went to get closer to the Three Sisters, there was a little decent and a tiny bridge where you could get across and stand on the first sister, another cool feat. We then went along a nice little trek towards Leura Cascades, it was fairly easy and nice little opening venture to the Blue Mountains, and a lovely reward when we arrived as the Leura Cascades were a pretty sight, picture below for proof. Guide was also couples photographer for the day and jumped in a pic at the end, when it also started to rain a little heavier and a couple offered the 3 of us a lift back to Katoomba, a spot of luck. Lucy and I then hit Coles quickly for food supplies for the stay in the Blue Mountains, cooking up some pasta and garlic bread for dinner that night and getting to know fellow patrons, Julien, Bob and Lucys new best friend the cat.


The following morning we woke up ready to go, grabbed some pancakes and toast (free breakfast), told you Flying Fox is a quality hostel. Had a chat with the staff and said our goodbyes to Rich (Guide), we then caught the train at Katoomba and headed for Wentworth Falls. Upon our arrival we had a nice chat with the guy who worked on the platform and he gave us maps and guidance on where to go and what to do at Wentworth Falls, lovely helpful chap. We set off for the park where we got on the Darwin Walk towards Wentworth Falls, it was a nice little trek across small streams and through some thick bush, it was fun until Lucy decided to venture off track. We headed up a thin trail and came out onto some road which we followed until a dead end, not wanting to turn back we ploughed into the forest in front of us trying to rejoin the Darwin Walk. After a few stacks (Lucy…funny) and some confused faces we eventually rejoined the original trail accompanied by Lucy’s new friend Sticky (to help her stay on her feet). We then trudged on to the top of the Wentworth Falls which was a stunning sight, but it was even better from the bottom, we decided to trek through the jungle rather than along the top. The route to the bottom of the mountains was a harsh one for two people afraid of heights, we helped each other along. After the amazing sight at the base of the falls we set off on the 4-5 hour trek which we completed in a speedy hour and a half, well played us especially Lucy. It was an awesome trek and a good challenge, we were shattered when we returned to the Flying Fox. We then cooked up another pasta and fried garlic bread special, after dinner we chilled with Julien, Bob and the staff, playing a few games of Uno with some other people there too. We enjoyed our last night and even skyped with Juliens girlfriend which was pretty funny. We awoke the next morning to lovely sunshine and disappointment of having to check out and say bye to our new friends who I hope to see again. On the plus side we were jumping on the train to go pick up our Campervan and spend a few days on the road, we couldn’t wait.


We arrived at Travellers Autobahn around 10:30 in the morning, unfortunately there were 3 people in front of us in the queue and only one German guy working. So when it hit 2 in the afternoon we were finally on our way to Canberra, we got lost a little on our way out of Sydney which we can now laugh about, it’s a lot bigger than we realized. Anyway we were on the road and the long highway to Canberra, the drive was fun and exciting with some beautiful views, a lot different to my drive through the outback with Mikael. When we reached Canberra we had a little nose around and stopped off at the Griffin River, can’t really remember the name, but luckily the sun was just setting so we had a wonderful view. We then headed off to the campsite we planned to stay at, though this ended up being full and so we had to go to another camp which was actually pretty cool and Lucy cooked the driver a wonderful little pasta number and we had some lovely cheap wine to wash it down with.


Next morning we set off early ish, so knowing we weren’t going to make it to Melbourne we decided we were going to stop around 6 in whatever large town we were in. So we set off on the road and were going really well until we noticed we hadn’t taken the right turn off 30 kms previously, so we went back and after a 60km blip we were back on route. We passed through several small towns, some nice some not, most selling ski equipment which confused us as there weren’t any snow in sight (apparently it just hadn’t snowed for a couple of days). We passed a stunning national park who’s name evades me, though it was so nice we stopped off halfway down the river for some amazing photos, it may have been called Cann River. As time was ticking away we weren’t far from the town of Sale, so realizing that would be where we’d be sleeping for the night we stopped at the first camp site we came too, which was a steal at just $15 for the night in a powered site. We hit Safeway’s for snacks and dinner which was a $1.09 5 pack of chicken noodles, amazing, they actually tasted alright too.


We awoke the next day bright and early knowing in just a couple of hours we’d be in Melbourne, and that we were, we popped into the car wash and had a water fight when we were meant to wash the Camper. So we dropped it off with few tears and some sadness, but the next step of the Lulu adventure was to come…hello Melbourne.


Red Shoe Diary of Lewis Hayter
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Lucy in the Quay without Diamonds

I’m no Berk

semi-overcast 23 °C

Pre-Lucy…I touched down in Sydney in the afternoon and headed straight to Wake Up hostel to check-in and meet up with a Darwin Turf Club pal Chris. We got ourselves sorted and joined the hostels pub crawl that night with everyone in my room (105). The pub crawl was free to go on (unlike most), we went to several bars all of which gave us a free drink upon free entry, delightful. As the night went on, Chris and I were the last ones standing, eventually I caved after too many spirits and a bit of dancing, off to bed we went. The next day I was meant to stay in and chill whilst waiting for Lucy to arrive early the following morning. What I didn’t realize is that my hangover would keep me in bed all day anyway, I was ill a few times (you know what I mean) and I didn’t get out of bed till 3pm when I finally forced a 6 inch down my throat…oh sorry…subway. The day drew to a close and everyone in room 105 just chilled together, I was again lucky with the group of people I’d been put with, great bunch. As night drew in I decided to count some sheep…


Lucy, Lucy, Lucy! I awoke with a burst of energy and was packed and headed to the airport within half hour of opening my eyes, so early as usual. I waited at the arrivals point thinking Lucy’s plane landed a while ago, finally she came strolling through after the oldest woman I have ever seen, last one through! I ran up for a great big hug and a kiss, it was like we’d never been apart. Off we went to the railway and jumped on a train to Wynyard and our 5 star hotel The Menzies, I thank you. The hotel was laafly, beautiful inside with very helpful staff, a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sauna. The room was class with the biggest bed I have ever seen and so comfy compared to what I was used to (no I don’t work for The Menzies). While in the room for the first time we heard a soft knock on the door and room service had arrived, although we hadn’t ordered anything and confused we didn’t answer and sent the lady off. We then received a phone call from reception saying the room service was a gift, so she returned and we accepted the lovely ice cold bottle of Champagne which was from Mum and Evils, thank you. Since Lucy arrived early doors we had lots of time to get out and about in Sydney straight away, we headed straight to the harbor to see the bridge and the Opera House, two stunning sights. We took a leisurely stroll around the Circular Quay and The Rocks, we then jumped on a ferry to Cockatoo Island to see some history, our first ferry ride and a nice little island with a nice story about the place, but a little too much art and not enough information on the history of the place for my liking. We headed back to the mainland and then had a beautiful dinner down The Rocks with a fantastic view of the Sydney Opera House, whilst we consumed our delightful pizzas a firework display lit up the harbour, what a lucky couple we are, beautiful.


Following day, after a delicious hotel breakfast we decided on going to the Taronga Zoo, which is probably the best zoo we have ever been to. You get the ferry to bottom of the zoo, followed by a cable car up and over the zoo to the main entrance, with amazing views. We then strolled round for hours seeing all the wonderful animals there, some playing around some being very lazy (big cats). We saw two amazing shows, firstly the Seal show, which was brilliant with some pretty cool tricks, followed by the bird show which was a lot better than I thought it would be. These birds were well trained and very impressive, flying just over our heads and performing some neat tricks of their own, Sue and Phil would love it (Mama and Papa Burke). We had a lovely Koala experience where we got to go into their enclosure and have some up close pics and a little chat to the specialist about Koalas, namely the one we got to meet, the gorgeous Grace, which was Lucy’s favourite part of the day. On our wander we stopped a few times at scenes we weren’t expecting, namely the time we walked past the male elephant enclosure where he had everything on display…OMG, the size of a large child, I’m not kidding. Towards the end we ventured into Reptile World which was one my favourite areas, so many Lizards it was amazing, I loved it and have refreshed my eagerness for a pet Lizard, though now I am unsure of which species I’d like. Later that night we changed into our glad rags and went for a lovely dinner at the Sydney Opera Bar, which was recommended by Chris. After our gorgeous meal on the waterfront we walked several metres into the Sydney Opera House to watch the show Australia Day by the Sydney Theatre Company. To be honest some of the jokes went over our heads which was upsetting but overall we thought the show was hilarious.


Next morning we had to check out of our luxury accommodation, after another lovely breakfast that I just made, Lucy didn’t so I plated her up some pancakes and syrup (a few croissants and muffins too) and presented her with room service myself. We headed off backpacks strapped on tight to Kings Cross and our next home the Jolly Swagman Backpackers Hostel. We went for a private dorm which was actually quite nice, had a TV, sink and fridge, useful items. We then ventured off to Bondi beach, Watsons Bay and Camp cove, all of which were wonderful places, Bondi was pretty big and there were a lot of people surfing, though it was a bit chilly on this day so we stayed out of the water ourselves. We got the bus up to Watsons Bay, on the journey up we got chatting to an older lady who told us a bit about the area and that she used be an air hostess jet setting around the globe, a very interesting woman, we loved her. As I said Watsons Bay and Camp Cove were lovely little beaches, the proof was there when we saw a bride and groom on Camp Cove beach getting there photos taken. That night we ventured to Chinatown for dinner, it was worrying at first when they bought out the duck pancakes and they were presented and eaten a bit different to over in England. As the meal went on though the food we ordered was plenty and tasty to boot. After dinner we decided to go to the cinema to see Total Recall where we snacked on some Peanut M&Ms, the film was pretty damn good as well. Upon leaving the cinema we past the same arcade I’d stared at previously on the way to dinner, Lucy offered up the chance to go in, so I snapped up the opportunity. We put $8 on a game card and hit up some Time Crisis 4, I loved it and Lucy was actually pretty good, she can partner me anytime.


We arose all excited for our visit to Manly, partly because we were getting a ferry but mostly due to recommendations and the chance to compare it to Bondi. So we preferred Manly, sorry Bondi lovers, it just seemed so cool and like its own little town, the beach was a bit longer and the fact the sun was beaming down may have helped as well. After a nice day of sunbathing and a spot of lunch, we headed back to the wharf we we jumped in a couple of Kayaks for an hour and headed off to a few coves where we found our own private beach called Store Beach (part of the Syndey National Park), beautiful little patch of sand. After a while we headed back and chilled at Manly Cove as we waited for our return ferry. We then headed to Westfield as I was eager to purchase a laptop as I’ve wanted one for a while now, I managed to snap one up and this is my first blog on my new laptop. That evening after being slightly indecisive we decided to go for dinner at the Sydney Tower restaurant, it was beautiful and my favourite of the trip so far. We were right at the top of the tower which rotated a 360 degree view of Sydney, amazing. The food was pretty damn good to, after which we finished our bottle of wine and jumped onto a couple of cocktails. We then headed back to a bar we wanted to drink in down Kings Cross way, moved onto spirits and a couple of Sambuca’s whilst playing the longest game of pool known to man.


Tomorrow the Blue Mountains await…

Red Shoe Diary of Lewis Hayter
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Ticket to Heathworld

Friends Re-united

sunny 30 °C

As I boarded the Dougies bus from Cairns to Port Douglas I was brimming with excitement to see me old pals. Just so you all know the drive from Cairns to Dougies is a beautiful winding road along the coast. So I arrived at Dougies and settled into stylie 14 (tent with power), at only $125 a week, alot cheaper than Darwin. I had a wander round the town centre and checked out the hostel whilst waiting for Nick & Andy to knock off work. Also Nick had already sorted me a job at the same place as him & Andy. Ward Benedict, the events specialists. Within 2 hours of being in Douglas I was given a car by Manchester Nick to take in the following morning. During the day round the pool I met a nice couple of which the girl was from Bishop Stortford and went to school with my cousin, small world! So night time rocked up and I intended for a quiet one before work, but I hadn't seen Andy in 14 months (Nick had to stay in Cairns for work). Plus it was the jungle party, apparently a big party...that it was! Well Andy introduced me to his Dougies family, and what a family they are, lots of great people just having fun! The jungle party was a great night, a good introduction to Dougies!


Next day I started work with Nick & Andy, I was driving a cool little green car at first, then moved onto a Uht. So the first time I speak to Nick after 14 months he's telling me what to do at work! So the 3 of us caught up and then that night we all hit Dougies to chill then I wanted to hear about they're adventures, which by the way sound amazing. We went through all they're pics and where they've been, a lot of which I hope to do.


Within my 2 week stint at Dougies work was fun for the most part and some events we setup actually looked amazing when we finished them. The friends I made at Dougies are all good fun and most play the bloody guitar, didn't I feel talentless. Then I shone through as one night we all went iron bar in town and did karaoke, I pulled out me old class Tom Jones, It's not unusual. I didn't feel that was enough and so I also went for Wham, Jitterbug. What a good night. Everyone sang a bit and a few were actually really good. They also do an open mic night at Dougies where all the people staying get up and play some tunes, another impressive night.


For all that I saw of Port Douglas it's a beautiful place and a massive mixture of either backpackers or saga holidays which is a strange mix. Also to add to the beauty I managed to meet some people and get onto a trip on a sail boat, we went out to sea and chilled for a bit in the sunset, it was amazing just being on a sail boat.


As for now, Nick & Andy have left and I've been partially convinced to return to Dougies to do a months work to save for the east coast, so i'm currently pondering that idea. Otherwise I've just touched down in Sydney and I've got 1 day till my gorgeous girlfriend Lucy arrives I can't wait for the best 2 weeks of my trip so far!

Love and miss you all!

Red Shoe Diary of Lewis Hayter
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Road Trip to Cairns

Camper from D to C

sunny 28 °C

Road Trip to Cairns blog
Camper from D to C

I awoke in the morning and got all my stuff sorted, I've later realised I lost a couple of bits and bobs but nothing too important. Said bye to the room mates of room 74 in long stay, a room for legends! I then met Mikael and we stocked up at Coles where he managed to leave his laptop and only just realised as we boarded the bus, we legged it back to find it was still there, lucky frenchy! Would of been a bad start, instead we grabbed a cab to the pick up point, where we grabbed our awesome Britz 2 Berth High Top camper and started the greatest adventure I've had on a road!


We intended to make the thermal pools of mataranka for our first stay, that we did after a stop off visit in Katherine to see the wonderful Katherine Gorge & a Red Rooster...lunch. We eventually made it to Elsey National Park and our first campsite, where we had a night dip in the thermal pool which was amazingly warm! I then cooked up a treat in the camper, we had veg with every dinner on this road trip, well done us!


Following day we set off not sure of where we'd camp but thinking it would probably be the three ways roadhouse. Our first stop off was visiting the historic Daly Water pub! Which I must say was awesome, I've never seen so much memorabilia pinned up in a bar before, there were bras, pants, footy tops, vest, money in notes and coins, there were flip flop trees and number plate walls, as well as business cards and photos along with mini messages. It was brilliant, so we had a beer there and I had my first gay time lolly, which is now possibly my favourite! Gay means happy right...we then ventured onto the ghost town of Newcastle Waters, and it's true there's practically nothing there as well as no one there, next stop was Elliot for lunch and petrol, (we stop at least twice a day to refill our petrol, mental). Elliot was a quaint town, where alot of aboriginals bought booze and headed off into the outback to drink and play cards (a local told us). We reached Three Ways early evening and going on a locals advice decided to venture to Barkly Homestead Campsite. It was a nice little camp and we cracked open our first cans of bundy cola and cooked up another treat, whilst watching the film History Boys on Mikaels laptop, I didn't understand it much but kind of enjoyed it.


Next day we set off with intentions of lunch in Mt Isa, but when we rocked up at Camooweal we were pretty hungry and so filled up on grub as well as fuel. Onto Mt Isa we went where we'd thought about camping, but we got there fairly early and decided to have a quick shop and move on. We headed off to Cloncurry where we stayed in a tiny campsite but still powered. Another couple of drinks and a chat to an old Aussie couple who'd been on the road for 10 years, yes 10! This time we watched Lady & the Tramp, what a classic, reminded us of our childhood! Then we started counting sheep.


Woke up the next morning bright and early, got sorted and was on the road before 9, good for us. We made Richmond earlier than we thought and so just grabbed some petrol and I got a little reminder of Lucy


We powered onto Hughendon where we stopped for lunch in the popular FJ Holden cafe, food was good and the cafe was well decorated with Elvis and Holden car memorabilia, a very cool cafe indeed. We then decided to make it to Townsville rather than stop at Charter Towers, so we powered on and after over 700kms in a day made it to Townsville. Had a well earned beer and camped for free...wink wink.


So for the last drive, final push to Cairns. We were up fairly early and on the road. We only stopped twice on this trip as it was only about 300kms or so. First stop was Ingham for some petrol and then the next stop was by the police and I managed to get fined for speeding! Oops. Never mind we laughed about it after a while and I slowed down hah! Lesson learnt, never rush. We made it to Cairns with a massive smile on our faces, pulled up and had a look around and a little swim in the lagoon, I got some info on getting a PADI. After lunch we headed to our campsite, probably the poshest one of the trip. Had a good laugh on our last night and watched a very strange and disturbing film called I Spit On Your Grave...not nice.


As I finish this blog I'm sitting in the camper rental place waiting for my bus to Port Douglas to see me old pals Nick & Andy. Mikael was great fun to travel with and a great guy as well, don't be jel Lucy!

Red Shoe Diary of Lewis Hayter
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